We at Scichem Technology recognizes and accepts the moral responsibilities to consistently ensure safe working conditions and safe behavior of our employees, partners, contractors, suppliers and clients.

This policy reflects the management’s commitment to take care of their health and safeguard the environment by conserving natural resources through energy conservation and minimize the waste generation and emissions of our activities in compliance with all associated regulations.

In order to accomplish these objectives Scichemtech shall implement all reasonable and practicable steps reducing the risk levels from the identified and assessed hazards by continuous improvement and promotion of HSE management system to maintain the highest HSE standards.

Scichemtech shall set clear objectives and responsibilities for Health, Safety & Environment performance within the organization. Ensures appropriate training, supervision, information and resources are provided, fostering positive health & safety culture. Communicating all employees and other parties on matters that may affect their Health, Safety or Environment. Monitoring performance with reviews and audits to ensure that controls are effective and objectives are being achieved.

Scichemtech HSE Policy will be regularly monitored, reviewed and updated at least once per annum to reflect any changes in legislation or in line of any changes in our activities or procedures and any updates will be brought to attention of our employees.