Frying Oil Monitor DOM-24

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Identifies the best time to replace oil

Allows you to safely cook delicious fried foods
Lower costs by using oil right up until it needs to be replaced
Lowers oil usage and reduces waste
Avoiding burn injuries

Maintain a safe distance (approx. 30cm) between your hand and the oil. To improve
the safety of employees and contribute to the reduction in the risk of burns.
* May vary depending on how the unit is held.

Rated IP67 (Water resistant)

Designed to be used safely around water. Wash away stubborn oil stains with regular
dish soap under running water. Instrument will survive accidentally being dropped in

Impact-resistant body

Confirmed to continue working even if dropped accidentally from waist height so you
can relax and let all of your employees use it without worry.


Measurement history (up to 100 items) can be read by touching a contactless IC
card reader / writer connected to a smartphone or a personal computer.

Frying Oil Monitor




Measurement Method

Press and hold the START button for approximately 1 second.

Press the SW1 button to choose between measuring in AV or TPM scales.

Press the START button. The instrument will begin taking measurements. Insert the sensor into the oil, and stir the oil.

Measurement results (temperature and TPM) will be displayed once stability is reached (within approx. 30 sec).Press the START button. The instrument will begin taking measurements.Insert the sensor into the oil, and stir the oil


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