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  • SCT-CL (Chlorine ) MAXI CONTROLLERS are design with creativeness to get the elegance and produced with proper quality, meets the specifications for the Water related applications with high level performance
  • SCT-CL (Chlorine ) MAXI CONTROLLERS are an industrial instrument used for online analysis and monitoring
  • SCT-CL (Chlorine ) MAXI CONTROLLERS are made in a attractive pleasent colour with a large and clear blue with lcd display
  • SCT-CL (Chlorine ) MAXI CONTROLLERS has microprocessor based controllers, which gives stable and accurate readings
  • SCT-CL (Chlorine ) MAXI CONTROLLERS has low power consumption and produces less internal heat
  • SCT-CL (Chlorine ) MAXI CONTROLLERS has ISO lated 4-20mA current output
  • SCT-CL (Chlorine ) MAXI CONTROLLERS has RS 485 communication interface
  • SCT-CL (Chlorine ) MAXI CONTROLLERS has an automated sensor cleaning control out put
  • SCT-CL (Chlorine ) MAXI CONTROLLERS has diaphragm polagraphic electrodes.electrode consists of cathode, anode , electrolyte and layer of gas permeability diaphragm on the cathode. the measurement residual chlorine diffuse to the cathode through diaphgram. the proper polarization voltage between the cathode and anode which can deoxidize the residual chlorine on the cathode .this chemical actions proportional to the residual chlorine which is in the measured medium. which gives reliable measurement
  • SCT-CL (Chlorine ) MAXI CONTROLLERS are panel mount type of controllers
  • SCT-CL (Chlorine ) MAXI CONTROLLERS proved to work continuously in any harsh environment conditions for the inline measurement and controll of accurate chlorine value
  • SCT-CL (Chlorine ) MAXI CONTROLLERS has a major advantage that, no regents are used. it has the direct measurement and readings.













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