Please read all terms carefully to understand the terms and conditions below to be aware of when returns and exchanges are allowed 
–  refunds are not possible    under any circumstances.
– The following two conditions must be met in all cases of exchange and return:
                  1. Within 7 days from the date of delivery.
                  2. If the item(s) are still in their original condition.
The product must be unused, unwashed, unscented, not soiled, unmodified, without any stains, or make-up and in its original labels and undamaged packaging.                                                          
– For any of the products that are entitled to request return and exchange, the process will take place as soon as it is received at our warehouse.
– In case of manufacturing defects, ScichemTech will bear the delivery fee but in any other case the shipping cost will be borne by the customer.
– ScichemTech   has the right to refuse the return and exchange request if any of the above conditions are not met and will not be obligated to pay the shipping cost for the rejected items, in this case, the customer must make arrangements to get it back within 20 days of being notified of the rejection, otherwise, it will not ScichemTech is responsible for keeping it or storing it in its warehouse and it will be destroyed after that.
– Accept ScichemTech Replacement in all the above-mentioned conditions in its two stores in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, with the warmest apologies in advance to those who walked to our stores without fulfilling the requirements of our return and exchange policy as mentioned above. No returns or exchanges if there is any breach of our privacy policy
. – There is no return or exchange for the sales listed in the “Out lite” section or any product within the offer period.

– In the event of exchanging after the expiry of the offer period for the parts that were not indicated as non-exchangeable, the exchange shall be made at the original price of the part.

For returns and exchanges, or any inquiries regarding the replacement policy, you can contact the following phone number:

(WhatsApp only) to help you.

 -(+971) 503916126

– Finally, ScichemTech advises   its customers to check its return and exchange policy frequently to be aware of any updates as the company has the right to change its policy at any time without prior notice.