Centrifuge – D1524R High Speed Micro-Centrifuge (D1524R)

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ideal for centrifugation of temperature-sensitive samples, such as live cells, animals, or proteins. it allows them to be used in a multitude of applications, including pelleting of PCR amplified nucleic acids, separation of antibody and protein precipitates, performing enzymatic tests, removing cell debris from cell homogenates, and achieving bacterial and yeast cell fractionation


  • Electronic Magnetic door locking system the lid can be closed with one fugure touch
  • Precooling,the compressor automatically starts cooling as long as the set temperature is lower than the ambient temperature
  • the sound indicator at the end of running.
  • temperature range -20c to 40 c
  • short pre-cooling time of only 7 minutes from room temperature to 4c
  • up to 9 program storage capacity
  • 3 layer sealed rotors ensure safe centifugation
  • high-strength aluminum alloy rotor can be fully autoclavable at 121c
  • rotor imbalance detection alarm
  • Acceleration/deceleration in 9 steps.allows gentle braking at low speed for better separation
  • five rotors with 0.2ml, 1.5ml, 2ml and 5ml centrifuge tubes/PCR tubes capacity
  • an external condensation tank prevents water accumulation with centrifuge chamber

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